Luxury Home Sales & Leasing

The Fox Group team has the experience and knowledge of the Los Angeles & Bakersfield areas to help you find the perfect luxury home to buy or lease. When searching for a home, you are not simply in search for a place that provides a roof over your head. You are looking for a comfortable home in close vicinity to prominent schools for your children, to grocery stores, to recreation areas, and you are searching for safe neighborhood where you can walk your dog at night. In other words, you are buying a lifestyle. With the Fox Group guiding you in your search, you are bound to find a home to meet all of your needs.

Investment Properties

Are you looking to improve your cash flow and overall value of your property? The Fox Group can guide you through a transparent process, assisting you at every stage from purchasing the property, to furnishing, designing, and then selling. We will work with you and provide the resources you need to increase the return on your investment.

The Fox Group is made up of a team of dedicated, knowledgeable, and driven individuals who care for you and your needs, and with their experience in the real estate world, they will help you to achieve the best results. We will help you find a listing, negotiate the best price, take care of any repairs, and then lease it to tenants or sell it.